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The Ventilveneta operates in ecology defense of the environment with experience since 1988 on the sector, with the planning and realization of fittin for the aspiration of the residuesof the workmanship, in the purification of the varied gas given birth to from industrial process of varied origin.
The fittings products have performed with particular attention toward most recent laws and normative on the safety of the job and the protecion of the environment.

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Our technology

Ventilveneta work from different years in the ecology sector, through the realization of fittings of industrial aspiration and of demolition of polluting substances.

Thank you to her tried experience of the own technical staff in the planning and in the realization of the fitting, the society Ventilveneta it is able to guarantee the quality and the reliability of materials employees, the execution, the assemblage and the assistance in the time, the rigorous respect of the norms in environmental subject.

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